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is there anyboby who has completely recovered from fnd/conversion disorder?

Hi, id love to hear from someone who has made a complete recovery from fnd/conversion disorder.If you could share what helps/what doesnt help? id also love to hear from people who are still trying hard to recover and share their experience of what helps.i was diagnosed with conversion disorder over a year ago since then symptoms wax and wane and have changed over time.just when i get hope full that im getting better symptoms flare up again ive found cognitive behaviour mindfullness therapy has helped me cope better with symptoms but didnt rid me of them.im now recieving weekly one hour sessions of psychotherapy which i find is great for my mental health i think any one with this condition might agree it does eventually take its toll on your mental health.i hope so bad that psychotherapy is the answer and eventually these symptoms will go.Im working hard but sometimes its like beating your head off a brick wall.I do firmly believe if doctors could step into our bodies and live there for a month,im sure firstly they would be screaming to get out after a week and seccondly they would then understand why its so hard to believe that this condition is purely psychological,thirdly i believe they would put every effort to try and find a cure if they themselves were inflicted with this condition or atleast do everything they could to alievate symptoms.

my symptoms that wax and wane.come and go dont all happen at same time.

-Fatigue(not just a little tired,not lazy. exausted),does alievate with rest sleep 2/3 hrs during day,gets worse with physical and mental activity, fighting the need to rest and ignoring the need makes it worse eventually getting to point of collapse.

-pain upper right back behind sholder.ive come to the conclusion this pain is caused by muscle spasm.stretches helps applying pressure to work out spasm helps.pain can be just enough to cause disscomfort or bad enough to wake me at night.

-numbness tingling crawling burning, if it lasts for long period of time it eventually feels like torture,most of the time when this is happening i can put it to one side and get on with things.

- difficulty walking- sometimes walking is normal,some times legs go stiff after walking distance other times legs feel weak.off balance clumsy.

-slower to take in info,word finding, forgetfull.

-slurred speech sometimes.

-tremor does not feel like a nervous tremor.gets worse if im excited or if i try to rush.

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I too would love to know if there is a cure, alias I also have symptoms of a brain injury as told by some psychologists but do not know the difference between it & FND?


Hi Sunny35, I wish I could tell you the answer as well. I have been fighting symptoms as far as I know for 6 1/2 years now, maybe even longer. I completely agree that if someone could be in our shoes even for a week, they would work harder to find something to help. I myself started out with losing my voice from a cold, however 6 1/2 years later still have issues with it going hoarse, even with speech therapy. My symptoms have changed throughout the years as well. After about 2-3 years of dealing with the voice issues, I tried some medication from a Psychiatrist and a few days into it, my physical symptoms started to raise their ugly head. I started with hands and arms shaking violently for around 4 hours, then the dr.s at the hospital got them to stop. Then a few months later I started to notice a jerking movement in my head. That lasted for several months, until the movement came back in my arms out of the blue, then to my head and neck, now it effects most of the muscles in my body from head to toe, along with what they call psychogenic non epileptic seizures. I have much of the same issues as you, trouble walking, talking, finding words, exhaustion, tremors, jerking, (one person on this chat suggested dystonic storms), but not sure if that is right or not. This issue is messing up my life in many ways, such as having to go out on disability, and having to fight my company for pay, I loved to go on long walks and play softball, ( not much of an option now). But I am fighting through this. I don't let it get me down if I can help it. I just try to think, it could be worse, so be grateful for what you have, and keep trying. I would love to know the same question. As you, has anyone found an answer, help, treatment that works.. anything? Best of luck to you and everyone out there.


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