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foot numbness

I find that my feet are becoming numb and "spongy" - feel like I'm walking on marshmallows! Today I stood up and because I couldn't feel my right foot I sprained my ankle quite badly. This has happened several times previously. Anyone else got this problem?

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Yes, I do have from time to time a numb/spongy sensation in the soles and heels. I have been diagnosed with FND and I have been treated to good effect although I do have both good and bad days. During my research I came across a reference to this as a symptom but cannot now find it. I should add that at the time of inpatient treatment early this year it had not presented itself.


Yes, I have spongy feet most or many days now, more one foot than the other. Please read my first post which explains my journey. When it is less spongy the main problem foot is weak and painful. I'm learning a little though. I didn't start to get the increased sponginess in my better foot until I started to do more Pilates, lying on side, using hips - This includes clams and clam variations and circling the straight leg at the hip whilst supporting with a resistance band. I've been doing this on both sides and I notice more sponginess in both feet on those days. I'm also doing other new Pilates things which my back couldn't tolerate before such as supported bridges with an outstretched leg(very tentatively). I have suffered with lots of lower back pain, one side, same side as the weak foot and leg but just yesterday increased sponginess took the place of less gnawing back pain. Is the sponginess due to increased times of inflammation in the back which blocks off the nerves more? But exercise itself could produce inflammation especially if any areas are "asleep" and are getting awakened...either that or damaged nerves are making compensating areas overwork and inflame. I am clearly not an expert but I am pressing on, albeit tentatively, with the Pilates and some aerobic exercise some days in order to look after my heart the best I can and not lose some form of mobility. Good luck with your sponginess. MY answers, right or wrong, may not be yours.