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FND Action


Hello my name is derrian . After 11 yrs of being admitted for strokes and TIAS .I was abruptly told it was in my mind . This blew my mind, distroyed me I had a massive break down. After 2 yrs and second opinions was it explained to me I had FND . Which helped me to accept I wasn't making these things happen to me. IT doesn't stop the numb droopy face coming and going . The horrendous toilet issues I have daily . (Bowel and bladder) and the disassociation that accrues on a day to day basic in differing degrees. I find it hard to go out side my comfort zone which is getting smaller. I struggle to be out side to go in super markets or busy places . I am dependent on friends and family. This is not a life I am just existing. Derrian x

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