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Just read about a Patient having a 24 pin & 48 point biopsy.

My GP led me to believe that the Pincushion method was not being used anymore, MRI is being used more.. I sure hope so or?????


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I am interested in the Biopsy method. So I add this to my original "Pincushion Biopsy" post.

Must not be a popular subject.

I have 2 colleagues that had horrific infections caused by the Pincushion Biopsy method. I know it's crude but cost effective. That's the least of my concerns, the cost.



A systematic transperineal template biopsy is the most accurate way to diagnose prostate cancer. I had a 24 core one 5 years ago after my MRI.

It caused painful bruising but no other problems.

Transperineal biopsy is sterile and vastly less likely to cause infection (hundreds of times less likely)

MRI is now used as the first stage of diagnosis followed generally by a targetted biopsy.

I would not do a transrectal biopsy if I could avoid it -they have a 1-3% sepsis rate.