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PSA Tests - Yes or No

Due to the 2012 recommendation to stop using PSA tests as a method or possible early detection of Prostate cancer. I did not have a PSA blood test from 2013 to 2016. My doctor never told me the test was discontinued and didn't recommended it.

Important fact the group that made the recommendations did no include an single oncologist.

In august 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic Prostate cancer with a PSA of 687. That's right 687.

I would much rather go through he testing, and the biopsy and get some information rather than no information and then be fighting for my life for these past, almost 3 year.

I will write more about treatments and treatment options and opportunities.

Zensailer, Oceanside ca.

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Agree- my husband was diagnosed after almost 2 years of symptoms and no PSA was done. PSA ended up being >677 Gleason 9. I say ">677" because the urologist that didnt do a PSA put my husband on bicalutimide for two weeks after cancer was found during a routine biopsy after a TURP. TURP was done to try to alleviate the two years if symptoms. But that urologist never did a PSA. Even after cancer was found. He gave bicalutimide and the name if an oncologist. My husband had his first PSA done after the two weeks if bicalutimide.


Same with me. They changed the guidelines for PSA screening last year, again, after practitioners warned that there was an increase in undetected disease. I tell all my friends to DEMAND a PSA at every wellness visit. Doctors also misunderstand the application of the guidelines. If ANY man has symptoms they should be tested. But for you and I and perhaps up to 15000 men in the US? We’re screwed. The system failed us.


My research doctor ranted on this to me at one meeting I had with him. It seems the insurance carriers did not want to pay for all of the PSA testing. Now they are finding that they are paying big money for a lot of advanced Prostate Cancer patients. This happened because the Pca was not found early enough.

Dollars win out again.

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Thanks for sharing but sorry to hear your news.

Although PSA testing isn't reliable, until they introduce a new test it should not be abandoned. There are other new tests that look very promising and hopefully available soon.

Best wishes for a successful treatment.


Thanks for the responses. Yes the system failed us. And we have no recourse against what it did to us. We also need to remember that there are very few cancers that the medical profession has effective and accurate screening for. The PSA for now is the best we have, so we should advise our friends to use it.

I have been through 3 years of treatments for a very aggressive version of the disease. So I am moving over to some discussions regarding treatment and will share what I have gone through. If you want, please follow me. I will probably do posts on Sunday.


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