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Questions to ask your doctor(s) before treatments

Allen Edel is a well respected prostate cancer researcher and has a blog with great info, well worth checking it out and signing up for update notices. It’s called Prostate Cancer News, Reviews and Views.

Allen has just posted a number of useful Questions to Ask your medical professional, for all kinds of scenarios, which may inform your treatment decisions!

Questions to ask (and not ask) on a first urologist visit after a biopsy

Questions to ask on a first visit for primary radiation therapy (IGRT/IMRT)

Questions to ask a low dose rate (seeds) brachytherapist

Questions to ask a high dose rate (temporary implant) brachytherapist

Questions to ask an SBRT doctor

Questions for a focal ablation therapist

Questions for an adjuvant or salvage radiation doctor

Wish we’d had some of these when making initial treatment decisions. Thanks Allen!

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Thank you. Great information. Wish I had it at the start.


Yes, us too (or is it we too!) wish we’d had it sooner, but I do think you’d need to have done your homework to be able to understand and interpret the answers! That’s where the real value in forums comes, there are folks who have done the research, are super knowledgeable and willing to share it. Allen is one of those folks!