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Smashed my walking distance

Yesterday after going to Phyiso I was told to do more walking as this would build up my muscles etc etc.

So yesterday me and my wife after going to our fibro meeting went to morrisons to get some tea and I walked in but only managed to walk along the bottom of the isles looking for her, this made me walk a total distance of 109 meters compared to 35 meters that I managed.

Whhooooooo but iam sore now lol.

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take it steady a little at a time whiterabbit just dont let the tortoise over take you:) well done

time and tide and all that you will get there bit by bit xgins


Lol I wish I could take a super market trolley with me every where I go

I find I cab cover the full length of the super market holding onto one of them.

Until it starts getting stuff in.


Well done ... Try and build up slowly ...any improvement is a bonus

VG x


A motorised supermarket trolley would be very nice! :)

Moffy x


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