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Eyes etcw

Well had me eyes checked they fine all they said was the pressures high so now have to see specialist still feel soo tired my get up and go deffo gone its really getting me down because of having time off work and scared to mention fiybo to him cos he will say no its,not feel so trapped and the headaches get that bad I'm crying with it all there has to be some help out there plzzzz carnt take much more

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Have you talked to your GP about your headaches ... I was having terrible headaches and discovered mine were caused by muscle spasms which I get treated for with injections and the occasional med and mine have gone from lasting 3 days out of every seven to three in the last 18 months

If you have seen your GP recently and he hasn't been able to help you could ask for a referral to your local pain clinic that's where my GP sent me and that's where I get my 3 monthly injections for the headaches

Hope that helps a little

VG x


I have he said its the.menopause !!they didn' had to kick.up a fuss.and to get my info these.headaches are getting twice a week to the.pinot I did.have.a.MRI.scan.last.year.which.showed I.know.I'm.prob flapping over the.thb.

But all these with.the.firedness joints.point to one.thing.and.he.won't.listen Xx thnx for.replying cos.I.think.I'm going mad and.I've always.been very active home like a.ship.but so.depressing Xx


I get very annoyed when GPs blame things on the menopause! They should at least investigate to exclude other problems.

Your symptoms are suggestive of a fibro flare, though, so maybe you should ask your GP to refer you to rheumatology. It's good you've had a full eye test, as that in itself covers several quite serious areas!

Write a list to take to your GP, and try to calmly go through it so he knows exactly what you want. You could even take a family member with you for support if you think your doctor is brushing you aside.

Don't get too distressed, because once you have a proper diagnosis, you can set about managing your condition, which most of us seem to do fairly well - given a bit of time!

Hope we'll soon hear better news from you!

Moffy x


I assume you had your blood pressure checked?


Yep they say its fine.. the lose of energy is crippling have lost another two days to it luckily work are very understanding but this carnt go on I have a six year old that needs a fit mom Xx thnx everyone for your support


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