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Want your story of benefit changes added to many more and heard in House of Commons?

Terry Craven of Liverpool Solidarity. Meeting Michael Meacher MP to give cases for support

I replied to a post "To Helen Black: "Nothing Short of Barbaric" on how these Government policies in UK are hurting and killing many.

Liverpool Solidarity replied that anyone wishing to give their personal case to him he will present it to Michael Meacher MP who has offered to compile them and give representation in House of Commons. They are meeting this week. Now is your chance

Please send any case information stating if your name is to be used or not or for further information to:

Any further info Terry Craven


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I'm awaiting my IB to ESA change to be found *fit to work* but I'd like to point out that our rights in law are being denied by the DWP...five weeks I've been waiting for answers to questions and despite an answer phone me an answer to a question I've never asked ..I finally had a email from my local job centre after complaining to the ministers at DWP...Yep..half not answered one totally ignoring the question but answered wrongly..I've emailed my MP ..and copied him the job centre s email reply...have I had a reply from's just not the injustice in this barbaric lying system but the information denied to what are your rights....there is a corrupt system in place at the DWP..deny deny deny...and don't tell them what their rights are....I'm sickened by this ever constant battle for information and the mental stress it creates..



So sick of it myself and how drained and confused it makes me.

I am waiting over six months now for explanation of my account. They accidentally stopped my account and took 5 months to re-instate it, at wrong amount. Agreed over phone but still no paperwork or remainder of owing monies. It is no joke. They still owe me over 300, a small amount to them huge to me. That is just one issue. There are constantly so many that never get sorted out. I don't have the energy for this and that is what they are counting on.


Please would you ask him to speak in relation to proposed sanctions of 70% to sick and disabled people in the ESA WRAG group who would be left with £28 to live on (which of course is impossible). People in the ESA WRAG group have been found unfit for work by dint of passing the WCA test. This is barbaric and cruel in the extreme, and a bully’s charter. Those sick and disabled people who feel able to do a small amount of work should be supported because of their many barriers and disadvantages, not subject to Draconian sanctions.


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