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Letter from ESA :(

Hi Guys...

Three weeks ago i went for a medical examination, to be told by the Dr doing the examination that there was little point in going any further with the tests as the amount of medical evidence and the large quantity of medications i was taking daily proved that i was unfit for work. She asked a few questions regarding my general health and asked me to remain where i was (with my husband) and she left the room. A few minutes later she reappeared and after telling us she had made a phone call, she suggested i was going to be put into the Support Group and i was so relieved, I left after being at my interview 15 mins in total. Two weeks later i received a letter from my Jobs & Benefits Office to say that i wouldn`t need to attend any further back to work interviews until July 2015, i thought happy days that must mean i`m in the Support Group and maybe will receive money :( Today i received a letter from ESA to say that although i had passed my medical and had indeed been put into the Support Group they were unable to pay me any money as i haven`t paid enough tax credits. THe last six years while i have been in receipt of DLA my tax credits haven`t been paid so therefore i will never be able to receive any payments :( Funny how nobody ever devulged that fact to me over the years!!! Apparently i would have needed to have claimed another benefit that paid the credits, That would have worked if my partner hadn`t been working full time.

I am so angry, disappointed and utterly fed up with the red tape that binds everything!

oh well life goes on.........

Take it easy guys, gentle hugs to all

Jilly xxx

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So annoying, I remember my brother in law being in the same position years ago. He had to go and sign on every week but because my sister was working, he didn't get a penny but had to do it to get his 'stamp' payed as they used to say then.

I hope you are still getting your DLA. With the new PIP tests coming up - for everybody supposedly although I don't know how they are going to manage it - it might be worth speaking to somebody at your local CAB.

Christine x


Omg that's,awfull I think I better look into it then but I still work don't know how it affects me... Hope you do get something at the end...good luck xx


don´t quote me on this as it has been a long while since i worked in the field. But i believe you should ask for a NI credit statement (easier via your local CAB maybe) that will show how much they think you have underpaid by. You then do have the option to pay and the couple I helped we worked out & negotiated a payment plan to bring the credits upto date. Also another point that was raised by asking for the statement was that the government had not awarded her enough years when she was entitled to them, for staying at home and looking after her 2 children. Which dramatically lowered the amount of years in which she had to pay. Like I said it was a while ago I did this but the CAB or benefit advisor within your local council should be able to help and advise.

Gentle hugs and I´m so sorry for this added distress it´s absolutely shameful. Good luck hope this helps :x


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