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Very anxious today!

Am very anxious as I have my neuro appointment at 4.10 this afternoon. I asked for this as when I saw a different one last year who said I had hemi-plegic migraine and that why I had the symptons I have-left sided weakness joint and muscle pain extreme fatigue pins and needles and burning sensations in my legs etc.. I was not happy and asked for further tests as I was worried that it was MS had an MRI scan which showed nothing so I was discharged and told to see rheumatologist. Saw them and they said need to see orthapeadics they said some osteo athritus in spine knees and hips but after steroid injections didnt help then referred to neurosurgeon to see what he could do. They did steroid injection in my spine which did no good. Fibro been mentioned but never confirmed. Talked to my GP and said when I was diagnosed with Hemi-plegic migraines didnt think that they would still have same symptoms 18 months later he agreed and thts how I managed to get another appointment. My GP also said that MS does not always show up on an MRI scan and they can do other tests to rule it out. Also need to rule out other neurological conditions.

So a huge amount rests on this appoinment as far as I am concerned that is why I am so so anxious, also my depression is very severe at the moment and am seeing psychiatrist again on thursday so one hell of a week. Sorry to go on but feel as if I am going mad.

Sue xx

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hi sue you defintley are not going mad , you are frustrated as 18months on you still don't have any answers as like many of us on here , you seem a very strong determined lady so stay strong and i hope your appointment goes well, i wish i could be strong when going to hospitals and appointments i dont know where to begin i like you believe that maybe i have ms as i dispaly a lot of ms symtom blurry eyes loss of balance headaches painful feet, hands , all over joint and muscle pain , pins and needles, numbness but don't know where to begin to ask them to do test i am only under orthapeadic consultant as rheumatolgy discharged me after 14years because thy say fibro is more active then the rheumatoid and said i had osteo- arthritis and refered my to orthapeadics for my hips which i had the left replaced 18months ago and i still have the same pain, thy now say the right needs replacing and do not know why i still have pain in the new one appart from it has caused a burstitis , i do not beleive you can put everything down to fibro i just dont kn ow how to ask the questions my husband get so frustrated as he say s you dont ask enough he is right but i think i am affraid ,

kind regards

teresa xx


You poor thing! I do sympathise, I am at the very start of the same route I think, good luck.

I hope you soon get some answers, I am taking my husband for back-up on friday to my GP,as you say he is really nice, but I just can't get through to him how bad things are.

best wishes Cazx


Am hoping you get a neurologist who loves their job thoughts NN


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