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What to try next? Advice needed please!!!!!

I have a much awaited appointment with my gp tomorrow as i am in so much pain im going dolally! I have fibro, 2 bulging dics in my spine and since a severe car crash in \december last year i have severe pain in my right hip which is all being looked at by the other drivers insurance and going to see an opthapaedic consultant in sept.

I currently take 2x tramadol 4 times a day, 2x paracetamol 4 times a day, 3x 300mg gabapentin a day and 2 7.5mg of meloxicam a day. These meds dont work anymore and i want to try new ones that are stronger or another source of pain relief such as these patches some of you talk about but im not sure what they are. Can my lovely fibro family tell me different meds i could ask my gp to try on me as i dont want to go in there and look like a numpty lol! gentle hugs to you all and thank you xx

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hi I am sure lots of ideas will spring up but i use a role medication so i use one lot of tablets then the next ones and that sort of works cose i dont have the body getting used to it I am sure lots of meds work for different people so its a case of what works for you xx

Good luck

gentle dyslexic hugs


Here is information on medications:

If you have a lot of muscular and myofascial pain (likely after a trauma), then medications with a muscle relaxant effect may be more appropriate than stronger painkillers. These medications include baclofen or clonazepam. Clonazepam is used by a number of Fibro specialists as it helps to improve sleep quality as well as having muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety effects, but as it is a benzodiazepine, many UK doctors are very wary of it.

There are lots of options, but without a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis, you can't target treatments (whether medications or not) so you may struggle to find which ones will work for you. This is why going for stronger and stronger meds is rarely a good solution. For instance, myofascial pain is a common problem with Fibro, but it responds poorly to many typical Fibro meds or strong painkillers as it is best treated through stretching, physio or pilates, myofascial release therapy (a hands on therapy, sometimes done by specialist massage therapists or osteopaths, occasionally by physios), muscle relaxants if required and sometimes injections.

Have you had a decent physio assessment recently? Or would going private to a Myofascial Release therapist or a specialist osteopath be an option?


i see a private physio for the effects of the accident however he has said that physio isnt working for me now and i need an mri scan to assess the damage from the car that impacted on my hip and i see an nhs physio for the fibro who said yesterday that itshould be abandoned as the pain ion my hip is impacting on my exercises and i have in fact lost 30% of my mobility in my right leg due to my hip and that needs to be treated firstly x


I found that changing my pain medication helped but the most effective thing has been hot water bottles . I have two every night even in the 'summer' and even on the nights when it is hot; on the same line as the hot water bottles I have a interfer blanket.

On the other hand I also like to have a cold shower but my disabled adapted shower does not like giving those so I have to keep switching it on an off.

Massage helps even if you just give yourself a rub.

Try to have a laugh listen to funny CD/tapes/ radio play, read a funny book or watch a comedy

Finally I am trying very hard not to just take stronger and stronger pain control tablets my mother did that and now she is on morphine every day. Pain is important it tells us something is wrong. Hugs are also very useful even virtual ones so sending some.


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