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I dont have Fibro!

Well its looks like I dont have Fibro after all...

I was convinced after reading up on Fibro and its symptoms that due to my pain and numbness only being in my hands and feet it must be something else. I looked into everything I could find from neorological disorders through to deficiencies.

After alot of pestering of GP's and a great deal of testing it turns out I actually have Vitamin B12 defiency (tested twice) which also explains the sneezing and anemia.

I just had my first of 6 injections today and hope to be seeing some results soon.

I would really like to thank everyone here who have read and commented on my previous posts and hope you all may find some relief from this terrible affliction in the future

Take care xxx

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Hello Kingkurt, that's fabulous news! At least now you know what was causing you to feel poorly and it can be addressed and resolved. That's great! It was our pleasure to be here for you, and thank you for your kind wishes.

We wish you all the best for your future, it was a pleasure having you in our forum! :) :D


Brilliant news. Hopefully you will see a rapid and vast improvement in your health, im so glad for you that uve escaped the clutches of this vile condition called fibro and best wished to you for a happy healthy pain free future x god bless


Fantassssstic News so pleased that you have got to the route of the cause, good luck in the future. xxxx


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