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done too much!

I know my body and I know what I should and shouldn't do!! But as usual I ignore all that and carry on regardless. Had a really busy weekend BBQ to celebrate my 2 daughters one was 18 one was 21. Then Sunday I took the dog out for 2 hour walk then went out on my bike 1 1/2 miles...STUPID.COM

Came home from work yesterday and slept for 3 hours....when will I learn......I CANT LEAD THE LIFE I USED TO!!!!

Hope everyone is OK

Jax x :)

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You can still ride a bike?? Lucky you.

Hope you feel better soon.


I can ride it.......I shouldn't ride it!!!! I pay a heavy price for it ...but I'm still in denial about my condition some 12 years on!!! its the only way I can cope....I need to keep a grip on a tiny part of my former...very fit...very athletic life!!



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