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Sooo Tired!!!

Hi everyone,

I went away for the wk-end to my sister in Leam. I slept brilliantly while I was there for 2 night's and felt quite good in the day also. Away from all the stress I guess. Got to go and see my eldest Son's Art Exhibition at the College which was very good. ( He Passed )Also had chance to see my two Grandchildren before I came home. I did get some good news when I got home as I had recieved my Certificate to say that I passed my re-sits of M1 + M3 in Bookkeeping & Accounting, I have been going to college this year to try to get back in to work somehow, as I will no doubt lose my appeal for DLA in december and my ESA runs out in November. Passed M2 first time around and awaiting for result's on M4 + M5. Now I'm back at home I feel so tired again and not sleeping very well, only had a cuppa got washed n dressed and i'm dropping off again already. zzzzzzzz where will it all end.

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Well done you, and your son!! You are amazing achieving all that, I send you a gentle pat on the back, you more than deserve one!

As for the relaxing away from home and tiredness upon returning, they say a change is as good as a rest, perhaps being back to the hum drum of home and everyday reality is partly the reason you feel so tired, along with the travelling and planning prep, no matter how small, is exhausting work for even the fittest of people.



Congratulations sweetie , you more than deserve a rest , well done to you and your son x


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