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fickle changes

Sweeping her hand she re dresses the trees

Drying the leaves with effortless ease

Turning them golden then shades of red

But alas after the glory they are dead

Branches now naked ugly and bare

They reach skywards crying for air

Then autumn moves on to meet another

The coldness of winter her frigid lover

His icy breath freezing where he goes

Sweeping the land with white as it snows

The icicles on trees sparkle and twinkle

Listen carefully you hear sleigh bells tinkle

Tis the season of laughter love and good cheer

Marking the end of yet another year

Then moving aside he allows for rebirth

And spring dances in full of mirth

Her mischievous laughter melts the snow

The daff idols and crocus begin to grow

New green leaves stretch out towards the sun

And the roses know that winter is done

Baby lambs playfully frolic on the farm

And the English gardens fill with charm

Spring moves on at summer’s call

Pretending she was never there at all

He banishes night as he brings his light

The days are long and they are bright

The ground feels warm surrounded with love

And the benevolent sun smiles from above

Until autumn begins her colours to flaunt

Filling his heart with a flirtatious taunt

Blindly he follows the false trail she lays

Leaving the world open again to colder day