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I have been suffering fibro symptoms for the past 15 months (maybe longer) after a lot of guess work my gp thinks I have fibromyalgia. The waiting list to see a Rheumatologist is 6 months so I have decided to go private (this Friday) to finally get a diagnosis and some treatment to hopefully get some relief at long last!

I have been a cancer sufferer in the past but fibro has certainly been the worst experience with the many different symptoms you have to deal with. I do feel lonely some days as it's hard to talk to someone who doesn't understand the condition......

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oh so sorry for all your hardships, fibro is a nasty little fella. would love to know how a private consult goes xxx

I will up date details on Friday night with the Doctors findings - wish me luck :) x


luck love andgentle hugs petal

Vicki1 in reply to Hidden

Thank you :) x

luck and hugs x

Vicki1 in reply to rosehip

Thank you rosehip x

Good luck and hugs x

Vicki1 in reply to kaz17

It's so nice to know people care thx x

Bless Finlay, it is very hard when people just don't understand how you feel, how can they though, like any disease illness, unless you've gone through it you can't understand. On here though you're among friends and fellow Fibromites, EVERYONE knows how you feel.

Hope all goes well with the Rheumo, Aweful that you've had to had to go private though.

Keep us posted.

Take care

Jan H xx

When I finally got my diagnosis I cried with relief, I'm not going mad and there is a name to this condition I have suffered from for so long.

Now you can concentrate on managing the condition instead of wondering what is wrong with you.

Hope all goes well with the Rheumy...


Ren Robin x

Vicki1 in reply to renrobin

I got choked up just reading your message because that's exactly the way I feel :( thank you Ren Robin it's all so very helpful - just wish I had found this site sooner xx

Thanks Jan (fellow fibromite) it is bad when we have to pay private to find out what's wrong with us and to get treatment! It takes me back nearly 5 years ago when I complained about chronic back pain bu my gp's weren't interested and said it was "wear and rear" which turned out to be a massive tumour on my kidney. I can't really afford to pay really as I came out of work last year so I'm using my savings :( I will keep you posted on the outcome. Thanks for being there to listen ( and all sufferers on this site) xx



Whilst doing some more research for my own benefit yesterday, I saw that a few people had mentioned the dedicated FMS/CFS clinic at Guys Hospital London and a certain Dr Davies - I did a search on google and got a link to his prices which included reduced rates for some people - it might be worth taking a look before spending that hard to come by stuff ;)

Good luck with your appt - make sure you self-educate your condition etc and also that you have a list of questions written down so that you dont forget anything and make the most of the time that you have paid for ;)

Take care


Vicki1 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the info Peachy- I will have my initial consultation tomorrow and look into other options! I have made a list but your right, I keep forgetting things so having to add to it.

Thanks again for your help and time, it's very much appreciated.

Take care xx

Welcome finlay,

You have definatly came to the right place for people to understand. We all care and this site has helped me so much and i couldnt do without it now. :)

I hope you get your results on friday as i know the feeling well when you think you are going mad.

hugs, kel xxxxx

Thanks Kel, tomorrow can't come quick enough - your all very kind :) x

Hi Finlay, Good Luck with your appointment on Friday and I hope you get the answers you need to manage your conditions. I ve been ill for years but very bad the last 2 years, in and out of hospital, 3 major operations on my bowel. Still up in the air whether I have Crohns disease. I kept complaining about joints pains etc and finally on 14th Feb this year i saw a Consultant Rheumatologis. I have just gone through yet again loads of tests and finally received a letter on Tuesday to SAY I Defo have Fibromylagia, I was so relieved that I can now prove to pple that I am ill and not just being lazy. I was like renrobin, I ended up in tears with the relief of it all. I have also started Physio last Tuesday and she is referring me to Occupational Heath as part of treatment. I will find out in July if I have Crohns or IBS.

Good Luck again for Friday and let us know the outcome as we can help you xxx


Jojo x

Vicki1 in reply to jojo45

I'm sorry you have suffered so much and glad that they have finally diagnosed fibro for you - (just hope I'm that lucky) I don't know what to expect tomorrow but I'm sure it will help me to speak to a specialist! The thing is, I'm not sure if my gut problem is part of the fibro symptoms or not. I think my gp was just guessing it was IBS so maybe the consultant may take me off the mebeverine and give me some sort of pain relief for my other symptoms, fingers crossed.

What are you symptoms with your bowel problem? hope it's not too long before you find out for sure.

Sending hugs to you jojo xx

hey Finlay hope everything went okay at your appointment. it is really ridcullos that you have to go private to see some who is paid to listen! Wait a minute - don't our GP's get enought money to listen to us? Grrr angry face.

I will bite my tounge on this one. big gentle hugs xxx dottiedog

Vicki1 in reply to dottiedog

Thanks dottiedog,

All is well with me since going on medication finally - Yes, I agree we shouldn't have to pay to get a diagnosis - It's crazy, I certainly couldn't wait another 6 months of pain and suffering and the stress of not knowing what was wrong - somedays you think your dying :(

GP's are on a lot of money and are able to retire at 50

I can only imaging what the private doctors are earning!!

Love and hugs xx

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