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Hi all , this is my first post, I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia although I do have to wait to have a scan and an Xray but he said I have all the symptoms so is working with that, I do agree that when I looked up the Fibromyalgia site I fitted all the symptoms anyway its early days so am just going to take things as easy as I can until a positive diagnosis has been given . Lynne

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Xrays & scans don't show fibromyalgia, they will show any arthritis etc tho

tanika971 in reply to dizzylynn

yes I think he wants to rule them out dizzylynn

splodge1 in reply to dizzylynn

this is correct blood test or mri scans will not show , you have to be diagnosed by a rumatologist or a fibro specialist, at pain clinic unless your doctor is clued up on it


Its such a weight off your mind when you know a name for your illness. Don,t be disappointed if you are told the results are all negative that's normal for a fibro sufferer and will tell the doctor what he was expecting. How old are you hun? I,m almost 62 and retired from NHS this year with fibro and cog. impairment much of which is improved since I stopped-getting up early from little sleep, poor appetite, pain and sore muscles, fatigue-still there but more easy to manage, I go to hydrotherapy every week (even pay for it) and sometimes when my aiughter goes for a swim I go for a soak in the Jacuzzi in the warm bubbles.. Good Luck stay with us lots of help here.

splodge1 in reply to Hidden

it took them two years to diagnose mine i have had it 10 years now and polyarthritis all over my body

Hi Caz I am almost 62 to

Hello Lynne

Welcome to the forum :)

As you are newly diagnosed you may like to have a look on our mother site for lots of information about Fibromyalgia fmauk.org

It can often take many years to get a definitive diagnosis of Fibromyalgia after years of suffering with poor sleep, pain and fatigue.

My personal advice to you would be to just take some time out to get used to the idea of having Fibromyalgia and what it will mean to you.

I appreciate that you are waiting for a definite diagnosis but I think we do know deep down when everything seems to fit. Like the missing piece of the puzzle that we didn't even know that we were looking for.

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Pacing yourself is very important and is taking care of yourself.

I very much hope that you enjoy the forum. If you need any help finding your way around, please let me know.

Lu x


Hi there tanika971 welcome to the forum, i'm sure you will love it as we all do. Do you know what the scan is for, are you having an MRI Scan ?

peace, luv n light

Jan x

Hay tanika971

Welcome to the world of understanding, care, comfort, support, love, fun (behaving Admin !), and wonderful images to help us through the day.

Fibro is still mainly diagnosed by clinical tests, not blood tests or X-rays. The NICE guidance is:

Criteria for diagnosing fibromyalgia

For fibromyalgia to be diagnosed, certain criteria usually have to be met. The most widely used criteria for diagnosis are:

* you either have severe pain in three to six different areas of your body, or you have milder pain in seven or more different areas

* your symptoms have stayed at a similar level for at least three months

* no other reason for your symptoms has been found

The extent of the pain used to be assessed by applying gentle pressure to certain "tender points", where any pain is likely to be at its worst. However, this is less common nowadays.


Now comes the hard part, how to treat the various symptoms you have, because we are all different, react differently to certain meds, and have bad day and even worse days. I always suggest trying new meds on Friday afternoon or Saturday, so if you have a bad reaction, you have time to recover before the next day.

Many of us will help you understand the meds you are put on, think we must use about half of the NHS's range of meds, some I have never heard of so have to Google.

Oh, and moaning and ranting is allowed, the one thing never done here, is judge someone.

Hayesider xxx 👍 🙂

Welcome tanika971 to our group we are friendly and always happy to chat and listen to you take care Carol x

Just to say welcome, others have given marvellous links and advice. Do hope you get a proper diagnosis soon and then hopefully good treatment will follow.x

Hi Lynne, I hope you can soon get an answer either way it will ease your mind!! Best wishes. Peck.🐤


Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the group.



Very welcome to our site I hope that we can offer you the help & support required.

Please please let me know if I can help you further.


they cannot diagnose it with exray or blood tests, you will have to go to a fibromyalgia specailist,

Hi tanika971

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I genuinely hope that you can ascertain a definite diagnosis one way or the other, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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