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I wish I knew


Here we go again yesterday very very tired that's Ok,

Just sleep, I wish

Today b....y pain pain, now off sick, The problem

Is that no one is safe in there job any more there

Was a time in the NHS that jobs were secure but

Not any more even if you go sick.

I just wish I knew when I was going to get a flare and

Why but I expect every one is the same, it makes you

Feel so run down I am almost 60 never had acne I

Have now, also sore throat. And ulcers

Still we must be thankful for small mercies. At least

It's not a life threatening thing, but don't you just get

Fed up with talking about it. Conversation is always

About fibromyalgia, and why, your whole life is about

Fibromyalgia it's nice in here as people understand

But I spend my life trying to explain to people who

Think that fibro is nothing only in your head

Just tried to explain to my manager, I am sure he thinks That

I could work he was very polite but you can just tell what

He was thinking or is it the fibro making me paranoid

Still with a bit of luck I can sit in the garden, well if

It stops raining for long enough

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i think we all get like that dont we ,fed up thinking about how ill we get ,and trying to exsplane to people and worrying that people dont belive is the worst i think

lots of hugs xxx


there is not enough mentioned about fibro so unless unless it is drawn attention to by media & the nhs the only ones that understand are those of us who suffer it.x


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