im looking for people in coventry

im looking for people in coventry who would perhaps like to meet up for coffee and a chat or even a moan lol i have cfs/me and fibro would be really good to maybe chat to people who understand because i find myself constantly trying to explain myself to peolple how i feel to no avail.

hope to hear from pepes soon joed

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  • Aww joed, I lived in Cov til about 3 months ago and would have been happy to meet up for a cuppa and a chat , but I live in Southampton now . Sorry, hopefully you'll find some more Coventrians knocking around on here .


  • Hi joed

    I live in Cov and would be interested yo meet up and/ or attend Fibro group It can be very isolating and scary

  • PS. I guess the only thing is we need to ensure we're both having a good day on the same day!!!

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