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Please Help! Need advice

I have just be told that I have not got ill health retirement even though I got told last week via HR dept that I had got it. Feeling really down. I have worked for local authority for the past 6 years in housing - my job is 80% walking and the OH doctor has stated that I will need to be reasseded in 2 years time. I have got the union on side and have taken out a grievance last Dec'11. My review for incapabilty has been set for 11 june 12 I have been told that I will be sacked. I haven't been offered any redeemployment or anything just being sacked. anyone got any adivce please?

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i was made unfit for work 12 years ago by my local ed dept.. they did allow me 12 months to look for another job but occ health kept refusing me permission saying it was not suitable. I was finally retired on ill health at 50. It was the best thing they could ever do for me! I was finally allowed to claim disability and with 6 years pension, I manage very well thank you! Your union are best at giving advise. I had some privately from a union rep friend who advise i go along with them. I was shocked and upset when they told me I would never go to work again, but I was a lot happier and better general health since (apart from my current fibro and heart cond). would you be better using a wheelchair? they cannot sack you if you are sick, only retire on ill health. I do hope you manage to resolve this to your satisfaction. see your rep again. soft hugs xxx


I hope that you're union rep. is efficient, perhaps you could press them for some answers to your questions. Can you get other legal advice? Sometimes you can have access to legal advice on house insurance, it's really important that you know exactly what your rights are and what the law states to feel more empowered about your situation, just in case your employer tries to pull a fast one on you - the important thing is what you want to happen and to double check on the ill health retirement.... hope this is helpful to kick the ball around.... take care during this very stressful time.


Hi tenpen and welcome as I haven't seen you here before.

When that happened to me I didn't have a clue, my employers made my post redundant. I didn't have a clue and by the time I found out it was to late to do anything, so this is a bit of a red rag to me.

Have a look at the first link below, to the main Fibro Action website, and click on the benefits box. Fibro Action has professional membership to 'Benefits and Work' and will get you the information on Disability Discrimination that it sounds like you could do with, free of charge. All you need to do is email them with a request. The document outlines what is necessary to come within the scope of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and gives a whole list of organizations that may be able help.

Here is another link to Community Legal Advice (CLA) who provide a confidential service and have a directory of legal aid solicitors, should you need one and qualify.

Your union rep should know all this, but it's essential to make sure they do.

Quite often if you mention the DDA to employers they have re-think, as it doesn't look good for them to be taken to a tribunal and if you win it can cost them a lot of money.

Another thing to look at, is whether you have Legal expenses cover on any insurance policy you have. I discovered that it can be used for anything, not just things that relate to the policy.

I had £50k of cover on my contents policy and used it to win a case for the injury at work I believe was the trigger for my Fibro.

I hope that helps a bit

happy hugs, kate :)


Hi Kate

Many thanks for your advise very helpful. My union rep is very helpful and I have the use of their legal service. It is just so distressing to know that my work will sack me very soon. I will start a blog so to keep updating.

Thanks xx


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