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Hello fellow sufferers

Well, here I am, I was diagnosed about 12 months ago and told (after almost a year off work), 'you have fibromyalgia, we don't know what causes it and we don't know how to cure it' basically the thing was, go away stay positive and get on with it... i spent about a year bed ridden,well almost, I had good days and bad days, I went through the ATOS scenario, (and although I could not even hold a steady conversation was declared fit for work, one letter sent by my daughter to appeal allowed me ESA, work related) Fabulous. I have worked all my life, gone to uni done a degree, all while raising a young family after surviving domestic abuse, I need to work, have to work as I do feel I have a contribution to make....

my mind wanders, I forget things, I now have to go over things 30 times instead of once, I don't sleep in deep sleep, my body jumps, I shake like someone who is suffering parkinsons, yet I don't have that. I want my life back the one I had before I became ill.... but I don't look ill. In fact I actually look more healthy than I ever have... this is me in constant pain, back in work now as the stress of ATOS was more than I could cope with.... so I am working limited hours suffering major pain.... And sadly in a job that I am over qualified to do....

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Hi MillyJay, lovely to speak to you. All these ATOS medicals are we have to go through are very tedious and put us fibro sufferers under so much stress. Unfortunately they dont take into account all the years we have worked or what jobs we have done, we are just treated like malingerers on the whole who just want something for nothing.

I carried on working until I ran myself into the ground almost and then it was a very long haul to get back to some sort of normality. Its horrible to be in a job you are not enjoying and whilst in constant pain and suffering. I didn't think I would be finished work as early as I did but at the end it came down to quality of life and better health so thats why I made the decision to finish.

Hope things work out for you, take care, Love Angela xx


there isnt alot i can say to your post, apart from each and everyone of us on here knows exactly how you feel !!!!

i know it doesnt help your situation, but no matter how low you are, we are here for you, and because we are all sufferers, you will get no judging, just understanding, compassion and empathy!!

love and gentle hugs to you xxx


hi and welcome i think ang01 has covered how we all are bless you but at least you know you are not alone and we aee all her for you love diddle x


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