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shinny legs (the good things)

hi all just got up ,

fed dogs, put washing out . and just been thinking that the good things with having swollen feet and legs . :)

they are soooo shiny that when my neck is bad i don't have to lift it to see the telly as i can watch it on my legs hy i may even start a new craze and everyone will ask for water retention in there legs .

but i will say no as this is mine and now one else can have it :)

what do you all say and no you ca'nt have it to it is mine and you ca'nt have it

so soft hugs to you all . oh and a very good morning to you all xx

love kath

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Good Morning Kath, Im not putting the blankets out I think this wet drought weather is going to happen again today :p

My legs have not had much problem at all (well ever so slight edema not much) but my hands!! esp my right one. I felt like the hulk the other day :( it lasted the whole day too but thankfully has subsided. Massage is good for that and so is those massaging water foot spa's but remember to keep your legs above your heart for part of the day, Please keep moving tho for most of the time to avoid clots. Hope you deflate soon hun xxx


tryed all that hun now down to wichdoctor remedeas :)

that is if i could find any bless mum said i must be taking my water pills rong hay bless :( that is all i can say other wise i would scream at somone

gettig so pissed at it all i can't even get my traines on to take the dogs out had feet up walked around done everythink i have been told but no just getting bigger so REALY PISSED

soft hugs kathxxx :)


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