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is yoghurt affecting my conditions?

Silly question i guess but a now ex friend said that i eat too much yoghurt. I absolutely adore activia 0% as so fruity and can eat up to 4 a day and rather than ice cream now i eat frozen yoghurt and occasionally will have yoghurt drink. She said yoghurt makes IBS worse so now im worried i am causing my pain myself!

I have given up chocolate and cheese to a degree only occasional now but surely i dont have to give up everything?

Does anyone else have probs as a result of dairy?

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Dairy is a very common IBS trigger - it is quite hard for a human body to digest as we are not really meant to consume another species' milk!

Artificial sweeteners are also a common IBS trigger. They can also be a migraine trigger and some people feel they can cause various other symptoms as well, so it can be a good idea to try and avoid them when possible with Fibro.

For information on managing IBS, the website has good information - it's the site of our PAB member Heather Van Vorous, who is the author of 'The First Year: IBS' and 'Eating for IBS'. These books are often found in libraries or much of the information is available for free on the website.


hi i do eat yogurt and have jus been told i have ibs i eat the muller light ones and the greek yogurt also muller but i must say i am never worse or better for eating them or not eating them love to you diddle x


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