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EPP Courses - Self-management of Chronic Health Conditions

I've just finished a 6-week free course titled 'Self-management of Chronic Health Conditions' Its all part of the Expert Patient Programme (EPP).

I really enjoyed it + it was useful - gave me food for thought about how to manage my FM better (or at least gave m some tools to start), in particular the way they encourage you to take part in action planning and problem solving.

It doesn't matter if no one else on course you're on has FM as all participants have long-term chronic conditions encountering similar basic problems (pain, depression, fatigue, communication, etc.).

They currently run them in England ( and Wales (

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I have also done a similar course but it was run by Arthritis Care and I did train to give this course but due to my illness I couldn't carry on doing it.

I found somethings quite helpful. As with your course it was for all chronic illnesses.


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