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Life assurance


Hi all has anyone else tried to claim from their life assurance when off long term sick.I phoned them up and they told me it only covers critical illness , but I pay a huge amount each month and have done for years thinking I would be ok if I ever needed to be off work for a while or finish due to illness ,this obviously is not the case !!! What they really mean is you need to be dying so we don't have to pay for long .Why do these people not understand how much we suffer and how we can't function at all on some days?Its about time that Fibro is recognised by insurance companies and support us when we need it ! Making my depression worse 😬🤦‍♀️

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Life assurance usually only covers death or critical illness I'm afraid, you need a different type of policy to cover loss of earnings. Unfortunately they just want us to take out policies for everything ☹️☹️

Maccs in reply to Horsesgalore

Thanks for replying but don't think I will get cover now , I have mortgage cover and going to give them a call tomorrow to get this in place 😔

I know it’s unfair. Over ten years ago I had my left kidney removed and tried to claim then to be told it didn’t qualify. If both kidneys had failed then yes - but not one.

Maccs in reply to Whitelou

It's wrong quick at taking our money but not to pay out .Hope your ok , thanks for replying you look after yourself xx

my hubby has same cover as you. he lost the use of his legs for few months & was signed off work. he wasnt covered either; they basically said you have to be almost dead to qualify for help. he pays an extra £9 a month on top of his life insurance for this but we cannot cancel it. i understand your anger huny as at times in our lives we need that extra bit of help x

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