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Fibromyalgia how bad can it get Help

Hi everyone its been quite a while since i've been on here.

My doctor last week told me that i have fibro he ask me a lot of questions i gave him the answers then he told me i had fibro.

I've been seeing my doctor for many years with the pains i get in and alover my body i was begining to think that they'er not really there that there all in my head, i get bad pain in my feet knees shoulers neck in my back,

I dont even want to get started about the pain i get in my gron tops of my legs bottom of my legs then just to top all that i also suffer with RLS, Depression, Anxiety and GAD (which means general anxiety disorder which relates to about 6 or 7 different anxiety disorders all rolled into one. I feel like im alone of no use to anyone im hopeless, worthless, useless and i dont know if i can go on. I never go out ju as t to hospital and doctors appointments my daughter does all my shopping pays my bills for me the fear and the anxiety i feel when i try to walk out my own front door is just to much to bare now and its just getting worse i'm so sorry people for jumping from one thing to another just always done that anyway sorry for going on and on and on thanks for reading. Janie

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Fibrous hurts allover. No cure...Sorry.

Hi Janeanne I'm sorry to hear how much you are struggling at the moment don't worry we all have a moan and a rant now and then this is a safe place to do it! Don't be hard on yourself and don't set yourself up to fail by trying to reach to many goals in a day... In my experience no one nicks the washing up and the duster and hoover aren't leaving home anytime soon. Fibro is as different as there are people who suffer from will begin to get to know your body, what works what doesn't, listen to all the wonderful members of this group, we are all here for you and each other, accept the help your offered from your family they love you and want to help. Things never stay the same change happens in life what seems to be overwhelming one day can be a mild annoyance on another....and tomorrow who knows we just turn our faces to the sun and look for the things we love. For me it's the birds in the garden... What's yours? Alison xx

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Hi Alison the things I love to watch and listen to is the wind and rain I love to see the trees in the wind and at night when I can't sleep I hope it's raining the sound of the rain on my Windows make me glad I'm at home nice and warm anyway thank you for your advise my friend it means a lot.

Thank you xx

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Your very welcome... Rain can be very comforting.. many, many years ago we lived in a caravan my mum, my sister and I... We were waiting for a house. The sound of the rain beating down on the roof was amazing.. We also found out that it wasn't waterproof...!!! We had the best summer... If not a little damp 😁😁 xx

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