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Hi everyone I have had fibro over 20 years went to my go and asked for an X-ray on my lower back. The results came back with severe arthritis at the bottom of my spine, I was then sent to muscle skeleton or something like that, after a few examinations he said he would write to my gp to go to some me groups or clinics. I used to go to an me group many years ago, but there are not any in my area. Does anyone know of any in the Gloucester area. I know that they have them in the Bristol area but that's to far for me, I claim dla at the lower care rate I was receiving the higher rate about five years ago but that was stopped should I try to claim this again or would it all be stopped . My local law centre normally helps me with this but they said it would be changed to pip and that was more difficult to claim.

Thanks Shirley

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  • Hi Misty57

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have severe arthritis at the bottom of your spine and I sincerely hope that you are not in too much pain as a result of this?

    I have pasted you a link below to the Gloucestershire ME Group, so I sincerely hope that you find this useful:


    Gloucester ME and You Group

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi

    PIP is harder to claim and most find they get a lower rate then they did on DLA I would hang in their with DLA as they will be in contact at some point re PIP and when they do you will have no choice but to complete assessment form for PIP

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks Rose

  • I have the same though there is also a nerve blockage (spinal stenosis). I need a back op but they won't do that until I am bed bound. It's only when it becomes severe does it actually show on a plain xray. An mri would give them a better view of what is actually going on.

    I get higher level PIP as I use a wheelchair for most journeys. I also have a walker which I am bad for not using. The distance for the higher level PIP has dropped to 20 metres so consider how far you are able to walk without causing extra pain, and if you were able to walk that distance

    Hope that gives you an idea whether to risk it or not

  • I am sorry I can't help, but I do truly hope you find what you're looking for. Sending soft gentle hugs. X

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  • Hi Shirley

    I live near Cheltenham and I am in two local ME and Fibro groups. My main condition is ME but I also have Fibro, but most of these sorts of groups are happy to accept anyone with either condition.

    One is Fibro, ME/CFS Babes and Guys as per Ken's link.

    The other is Fibro Guys & Gals which technically covers Tewkesbury but in fact has members from most areas of Gloucestershire.

    They are both closed groups but easy enough to join. Because of my condition I don't really get out as I'm 95% housebound so I haven't actually met most of the people but you can just keep in touch via Facebook or maybe e-mails etc if you strike up a friendship with anyone.

    Good luck and gentle hugs, Margaret.xx :)

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