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The weekend too?

The weekend too?

Hi all

Very pleased to report that I'm still feeling the best I have for years. No, even a weekend didn't mess it up!!!

I thought I might end up like the weather. Hot and. Sunny all week then cold and wet at the weekend. But no I've got lots done rested as well coz I don't want to push it too far and be back where I started. I am completely symptom free whereas before even if I wasn't on a flare I'd still ache and feel giddy. Hands and feet pain free. They were my worst pains and I don't think that was to do with my condition. As I've said nurses called it rebound neuropathy

And it's incredibly painful. But that seems to have disappeared too. My arthritis in my hands is still there but not painful. Can use both hands normally, open bottle lids without using my teeth. Can undo ring pulls. Can do and undo buttons

Its amazing how much difference a little improvement like that can make. I can put my Levi's on instead of having to wear trackies I feel in control of me again and it's nice.

I just wish that all of you on the site could feel the same improvement as I have.

I am a realist, I know it could flare at any time. but at the moment I'm just making the most of being pain free.

It's lovely.

From what I've read on here this morning I'm pretty lucky in that none of my friends or family have ever accused me of being a fake.

To those of you have had friends/family accuse them, I would ask them if they'd like to walk a mile in my shoes. Then I'd say well good for you coz I can't normally make more than 200 yards. My advice is cut them out of your life and don't dwell on the injustice or you'll cause yourself more stress and could trigger a flare. They're the sort of people who think that just because one person tries to cheat the system, we all do. You know, I know, everyone on here knows that these people will always accuse people of being lazy. I'd love to have a job, but as I said in my reply this morning, what employer is going to take someone on if they're going to need 2-3 weeks of every 2-3 months? Answer: none.

Also ask them if they'd like to try and survive on the money we're getting.

But my main advice regarding this sort of "friend" or "relative" is GET RID.

You don't need them adding stress to your life. I suppose my friends and relative trust me is because I've already had 2 visible autoimmune diseases in ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. So I've explained these are all conditions where my own immune system gets bored and attacks me for practice.

None have ever questioned me and in that sense I'm lucky.

Love and best wishes to all

And hope for improvement for all.


Ps keep fighting if you can.

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That is wonderful to read my friend, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this keeps up for you. Good luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I'm so pleased for you hope it continues x


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