Does anyone know?

I just thought I'd give it a go because no one else can tell me what it might be,

Since I was little I have found the urge to have to move or crack my joints all day I can't help it if I don't move or crack I feel a numbness until I do and I can't seem to stop it I have tried to distract myself but the only way I can get rid of the urge is to just do it which makes me feel stupid because I can't sit still. It started when I was little and I just use to roll my ankles but now I have to move everything from my toes to my neck some times I get the urge to move a spot I can't crack or move and that's when I really feel like I'm stupid because I have to hit it until it hurts because then the urge will go and only pain is there I would really like to know if there is anything I can do, it gets worse if I'm nervous and it gets worse if I am touching something or someone is touching me, it can be as simple as a hug or a lean or holding someone's hand to make it get worse it makes the urge move to where ever I am being touch almost like an annoying tap and I feel the need to have to move that part of my body even if I don't want to :/ it can make it hard to sleep, and drive it can even make it hard to be close to the one I love, because they feel they have to move away all the Time because I move to much which I don't want to be doing because I do want to hold them. If anyone could help or even suggest anything that would be great.

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  • Have a look at this link and see if it helps. I wish you luck my friend:) xxx

  • Yea I move around a lot but I also know part of it is in my mind. I have a fear if I don't move then I may not be able too. It is partly because of a doctor I had when I was little. And my mother's response to him. Back then they didn't know what fibro was going to do. He told me within a year I would be in a wheelchair with no ability to move. My mom said you will move as long as you want to! So I started moving around a lot. I was also born with fibro so muscle spasms has been a part of my life. Don't know if this helps. Hugs

  • My husband who has depression and anxiety often seems to have to jiggle his feet up and down and I can always tell me he is stressed because he seems to have to do that for long periods of time and the movements are faster the more anxious he is. He also taps things.

    I also think some medications have this effect as well.x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering with this issue, and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck. I would personally discuss this with your GP or Medical Specialist as it may have become an habitual problem that you may need assistance with?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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