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Like the walking dead today!

Blimey all I missed the rollercoaster that flattened me over the last few days! I seem to have started getting restless legs at night. Used to get twitchy sometimes if I was hungry.low blood sugar. but this is something else! 5 am when I last looked at the clock this morning, and boy pain is overwhelming today. Can barely hold a cup, legs like lead and pain.... well you all know the picture. Question does anyone know of anything that helps RLS? Thought about tonic water as quinine supposed to help or is that an old wives tale?

Wish I was having my ESA assessment today so they could see me as I am today!

gently hugs to you all

Jo x

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Hi I suffer from RLS and I am treated by a 5mg dose of Diazipam twice a day. It really works wonders and gets rid of nearly all the tremors too. Apparently there are two or three other drugs in this group for muscle relaxant but this works fine. Some doctors and indeed patients worry about addictive properties but I have put them down for several days no probs except RLS comes back!

Regards Patrick


Hey Patrick thanks for that. Although I've just had to register with a new g p practice so don't know if they will give to me. Worth a try. I've had in past for back pain.

Jo c


Hi Jo,

I know some DRs don't like prescribing Diazipam as they used to hand them out like sweeties for depression in the eighties! But usually they are ok if off scrip treatment for pain or dopamine re uptake. The others recommend in UK are Ropinirole and Pramipexole. If you look up www.nhs/RLS it should show you the whole diagnosis and treatment plans recommended. I have a good working relationship with my GP but always take a list in with me so I can remember anything, plus printing these NHS fact sheets can be helpful with a reluctant prescribing GP! 😊

Good luck

Patrick x

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Hi jo,

I have been taking Ropinerole for years and it usually works well, unfortunately it does give an accasional hiccough, Like now. The only thing at the moment that helps is sitting in a hot bath.

I have had 4 baths today, I think a friend is right and i will turn into a mermaid, :P

Give it 2 or 3 days and it will be back to normal.

Sue :)


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I can see that you have been given some real quality answers already so I will just genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



You have all been very kind and helpful. Slept better last couple of nights.... Having awful dreams tho! I've put up a question as found out today that atos will b doing a home assessment on me!

Very anxious

Big hugs to you all

Ps can I ask for a woman assessor?


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