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Chang of meds

Hi, hope all not to bad in this cold.........I've been weened off prebaglin and going give duloxetine a go. After a massive flare up I've found nothing is helping. Also has anyone had eye pain and dizzyness right behind the eye and stabbing pain, cause that's been a new one to me, also I can not put my feet down forankle and heel pain with both feet swelled up, tthat's also a new one on me....had bloods and xrays, allclear. Its the fibro yet again........thanks all, xxxxxx

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Hi ginge

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I have really bad migraines, and I suffer with the most horrendous pain behind my left eye when I have one. I do not know if this is what is happening to you? But it may be worth keeping a pain diary on this matter and discussing it with your GP or Specialist?

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Ginge. Yes i have this problem often been to doctor and had eye test to but is put down to the fibro itis very worrying when it happens.Hope your days a good one.xx


I allso cannot find a medication that suits me had that many lost count I have had very badside effects or they didnt make any difference to me..xx


I get a pain in the eye that's new to me aswell just came on the other day thought it was sinus's I've also been waking up with jaw ache apperntly I clamp my teeth together in my sleep (what sleep ) knees in pain too that's fairly new tramadol worked for me but been on them for yrs so trying to come off them not doing very well either although I have dropped one off hope you get sorted hugs xx


Hi Ginge

Good luck with the Duloxetine. I have been taking it for the past 18 months and find it really helpful. I also had to stop taking Pregabalin. Like The Author I get horrendous pain behind my eye with migraine, but the blurred vision I had, along with the dizziness stopped when I got the Pregabalin out of my system. I also occasionally have heel and ankle pain, but nowadays it tends to come and go. Podiatrist gave up on me as he couldn't find a cause.

I wonder do you take Blood Pressure medication? I take two tablets and found one of them caused my lower legs and feet to swell , just a thought.

Hope the Duloxetine works for you. Be aware you might have side effects at first, but they do settle down after a couple of weeks.

Em x


I di and it's very painful Also have foot ankle pain its everywhere .Try not to get anxious about it ,I blame everything on Fibro which could be wrong I suppose .X


hi I never thought to put the eye pain and dizziness( that i have had for the last month,and only the last couple of days that its gone) ,down to my fibro .I find the only thing that helps me at the moment is amtriptline to get some sleep and cymbalta helps me feel more normal from the depression, but its early days yet. not found anything for the pain .I get the ankle foot trouble too. good luck hope the duloxetine works for you . sorry i have no advice for you as im new to all this, was diagnosed last year after years of pain and treated like a neurotic hypochondriac . gentle hug x T


Hi Ginge,

I have also had Duloxetine now for nearly two years, I felt so much better after just a week or so. I also take amitryptolyne for sleep and pain. Perfect combination. My feet swell and are stiff in the mornings...I really hopedulox works for you I feel so much better for it and manage flares better now, all the best...



Ive been given amitrypyline and its great at helping me sleep and the eye pain ive had continuously for 3 years is less too - only taking half a day tho im very groggy in the mornings x


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