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Health anxiety and pain

I have health anxiety but at the moment am suffering with a lot of pain. Have had this for over 2 years. How do I persuade my GP that this is a genuine illness. In the past once I got the all clear for an illness the symptoms would normally subside. This time it hasn't which makes me more convinced it is not health anxiety. I feel I have a big label stuck on me. Thanks for listening

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Can you ask to be referred holly, you should know your own body, and fibro is terrible illness, ask him if he would like to walk in your shoes for one day, has anyone diagnosed that you have fibro, are you on any medication,...sorry to hear you are in a bad place at the moment,.....sending you gentle hug .....Dee x


Lost my photo on that one haven't I....Dee x


Hi cookie, thanks for the response. Haven't been diagnosed with anything yet. On amitriptyline and cocodomol 30/500 . Paid to see a neurologist but couldn't find anything. Saw rheumatologist about 2 years ago, but since then things have become worse. Would feel better if I had a diagnosis


Hi Holly, ask your GP to refer you back to Rheumatoligist and take a list with you (to both GP & Rheumy) of the new symptoms u have since u last saw Rheumy. They should be able to confirm one way or another for u xxx


Ask to see a Rheumatologist or the Pain clinic. That's where I got my diagnosis.




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