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"Bedroom Tax" - hope on horizon?

I know that this isn't directly related to DLA et al., but believe several members are affected by this iniquitous Bedroom Tax in addition to other financial struggles.

Hope this isn't against the rules to post a link to a newspaper article, but the 'i' reported on fact that some councils (who are charged with administerinbg housing benefits) are reclassifying bedrooms as studies etc. to circumvent the need to impose the Bedroom Tax

If this blog is inappropriate, I hope a moderator will block it or put it in the appropriate place, pls.


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No it's fine and very informative and hopeful that some of our members will benefit :)


I have to pay this bedroom tax. Its only a small amount, but the letter is so confusing I don't know how much it really is.


I believe if it is one room it is 14%, cut in benefit. If you have two rooms, you lose 25% of benefit.


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