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Uncomfortable questions that women do not ask their gynecologist

The visit to the top gynecologist in Delhi is one of the most uncomfortable moments for a woman. Following are some of the questions that women do not dare to ask their gynecologist because of shame, fear, or even because they do not seem ignorant about sexual matters.

Is it normal to have one vaginal lip larger than another?

There is a high variability in the anatomy of the female external genitalia. It is tough to give a criterion to consider healthy or not in a specific morphology.

Vaginal sweat: is it normal for the vagina to sweat?

The vagina is a tubular structure that is covered in its interior by several layers of stratified epithelium. The cervix is located at one end of the vagina. This secretes a spice of mucus that lubricates the vagina and protects it from infections.

How to avoid vaginal acne?

In the vagina can appear a series of lesions that look similar to acne. One of these lesions is Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which is a chronic disease that is characterized by inflammation of the sweat glands.

Is it normal for the vagina to give off a bad smell?

In the vagina, there is a physiological secretion of mucus that has an acid pH, whose function is to protect the vagina from infections. There is a balance in the vaginal flora.

What are vaginal gases?

These are sounds that appear when air enters the vagina. They are standard sounds and have no importance, although they can be uncomfortable. In many cases, the sounds are due to the lack of tone of the musculature of the vagina. It can help to perform exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and avoid specific postures.

Vaginal waxing: Is integral intimate waxing bad?

Pubic hair has a protective and barrier function against traumatisms and infections. It acts as a barrier against microtrauma in sexual relationships, which favor sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and friction and friction with clothing in everyday life.

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I'm not sure why you'd call all that uncomfortable while asking your Gynae? You're supposed to be open to your doctor about your problems as well as concerns no matter which one is it.... why the approach needs to be any different than what would be for a cardiologist. Owing to the location you mentioned I assume you have some social dogmas to have had been shy while discussing gynaecological health but it isn't supposed to be that way.

Vagina lips are not usually of different size but some may experience inflammation due to infection or friction (during the excessive walk, climbing etc. ) that needs to take care of with rest and medication. There shouldn't be a vagina smell ideally unless there's some hygiene issue. Often this smells serve as an indication of problems. Also, waxing isn't something a gynaecologist will answer you. If you happen to ask that to the lady I go to - you'll be possibly told "It's a clinic and not a waxing parlour" - she has a weird cocky attitude even to her normal patients. Lastly, nowadays you don't ask these petty questions to anyone, Google eased that up for you. Simply type and read the numerous blogs and you'll be able to decide for yourself.