8 weeks later no AF - scan

So it’s been 8 weeks since my bleed post 2x 5day transferred which resulted in a Chemical Pregnancy! I bled for two days at the time and have had nothing since... eight weeks later still no sign of AF and I am still having hot flushes! Called the clinic two weeks ago... they said to call back if nothing has happened in two weeks so I call today and I have to go in for a scan on Wednesday! So fed up of being poked and prodded - feeling low 😭 xx

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  • Can totally understand why your so fed up, living in limbo is so hard. I hope Wednesday gives you some answers xx

  • Thank you! I just want to be back to normal, I’m normally son predictable with my cycles xx

  • All the best for today.

    With my miscarriage my period arrived bang on day 28 afterwards.

    I hope you get your answers either way as its awful being in limbo. X

  • Thank you Jess! And sorry to hear about your miscarriage xxxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! :( You bled for 2 days straight is it? Was the flow heave enough? Did you follow if the flow had clots? (Sorry to ask for TMI) Sometimes when you bleed over a chemical pregnancy shortly after transfer it's counted as the AF and no AF appears later. Maybe there's no endometrial lining left to expel and therefore you're not gonna have any AF in this menstrual cycle. Technically AF is the passing out of unfertilised egg along with endometrial lining. It's pretty much the same when you bleed to expel the chemical pregnancy. One of my chemical pregnancy was the same. It was on normal TTC so when I got the faint line on HPT I was certain that I'm pregnant. But started bleeding after 2 days and that was it. Sending you hugs! It's hard to bear with what you're going through - hope you find the strength to get over with your infertility struggles.

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