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I am right in the middle of our second IVF attempt. We have also decided not to tell anyone who doesn't need to know. I'm finding this a bit difficult as I just want to talk to people about my feelings. But this is where this app comes in. I am very grateful for this app at the moment! I am feeling quite down. When we did our first injection last week i felt so sad. Why do we have to go through all this again. Its heartbreaking. My husband has also said he can't do a third if this fails. I was upset about that at first, but now I'm starting to agree with him. Is anyone else doing a second/third cycle, if so how are you finding it?

L xxx

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  • Just want to wish you all the best. I have never had IVF but I can only try to imagine how difficult and frustrating it must be. Have 2 friends who both had IVF. Please try to remain positive if you can. You are doing great and are very brave going through all this. Trusting all works out for you and your husband this time. One day at a time...xo

  • Thank you 😊 xx

  • Hi there! I've had 5 cycles, every one failed. Yes, it is really heartbreaking to go through this. Every next time is more devastating than the previous one. I understand your pain and frustration... But still... I believe that it's worth all the efforts! You do need time to cope with the loss, and a lot of emotional strength is very important to go on... If you want to become a parent, you should never give up!

    I want my baby so much, so I'll never give up. I've decided to stop the IVF part of my fertility journey and now I'm searching for a good clinic to try surrogacy motherhood. I hope that our biological materials will be satisfactory for it. If not, then we'll start considering donor eggs. Thanks God, there are many ways to become parents!

    As for you, I wish you all the luck in the world! Don't give up and be strong!

  • Thank you so much, its heartbreaking but comforting to hear others stories and journeys. Its just something we have to do isn't it. Thank you and good luck. 😆😊 xx

  • I guess it's something that we want to do :) Otherwise we wouldn't keep struggling

  • Hi there

    I’m in the middle of my 2nd round. Had ec yesterday and had 8 egg retrieved and 5 fertilised so now waiting to see how they go. Transfer due Saturday

    My husband and I have said we r unsure if we want to go through a 3rd attempt because of the emotional/physical impact it all takes but maybe we just need a break from it all

    Good luck with your journey xx

  • Thank you for replying, I hope all is ok :) I do feel the same about a third go, but I can't help feel that it could be a case of "What if" and I don't want any regrets, we shall just see I suppose.

  • I'm getting ready for my fourth never gets easy but when you have had enough of it you still hopeful miracle will come.i haven't considered other options as I'm still hopeful my turn is coming. I'm going to be a mom to my own child.good luck with your round 2.

  • Thank you, I hope goes well for you too. :)

  • Hello L, I’ve had many round of IVF. My husband is azospermic which means he has a zero sperm count, yes zero! He had an op called micro tese which after 3 attempts gave us our beautiful son. I’m finally pregnant again by a sperm donor after another op for my husband and about 8 more attempts - I’m 39 so time was ticking on and we were started to feel the financial burden.

    I found keeping it to myself far too hard eventually. I told work and all my colleagues because I felt I needed their support at times. Our friends all know. You’ll find there will be some who avoid talking to you about it and some who are really supportive, sometimes those you don’t expect. Those people have been a godsend to me because those are the ones who listen to all the technical intricasies even though they don’t really understand because they know you need to talk and some are actually genuinely interested. I also found that being open meant that others would reach out with their fertility struggles. But everyone is different and I understand the wanting to be able to surprise people with good news just like any other “normal” couple.

    Anyway feel free to tell me all about it. How long have you been TTC? Do you have a diagnosed fertility issue or unexplained? Also on your last 2 rounds did you have 2 or 5 day transfers and what were the grades of embryo?

    I’m sorry your not feeling excited about starting the next round. There is every reason to hope. With a good quality blastocycst you have a 33% of getting pregnant or attempt no 3 can be a winner x

  • Thank you for your reply! We have a similar story. My husband had cancer and his sperm was killed off from the radiotherapy and chemo, but this is when he was a child and he only discovered this when we got married and wanted kids. I also have pcos. Ive had an op but its come back. This second cycle is going ok so far. We are using donor sperm so we feel this could work, but we shall see. Its lovely being on here because everyone is so understanding. My friendships have somewhat got less. Its sad but they just don't understand or want to understand and that's fine. Im 35 and if this doesn't work, I need to live a life as we have spend 9 years doing this. Xx

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