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Surrogacy successful stories?

Hi everyone,

I'm posting again about this topic.. I just got into the surrogacy world and I would like to know your successful stories...either as surrogate mothers or as IP..

I haven't found a group to discuss about this with others. Would be great to find other women who are going through the same.

Would love to know about your experiences.

Thanks x

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Hi Lilly, I'm also interested in such stories. Will be grateful for any experience, too. There were some threads about surrogacy in some communities on this website, but it was quite a long time ago. If you have time, you may search for them, but I'm sure that ladies will post their stories here too. I am in the process of gathering info about surrogacy and clinics that provide such service. So far I've heard a couple of successful stories about surrogacy done in Biotexcom, Ukraine. On the other hand, stories about India were not so positive.

Anyway, thank you for starting this conversation! I hope it will have lots of useful information.


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