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What happens to a failed ivf

Just a.m but curious as I feel like my ivf has failed - I can’t test until the 27th. It is full of doubt :(

If the dreaded and heartbreaking negative words come up the what happens next? I have had natural miscarriages but what happens with a Failed ivf?

Sorry I’m 25 so I don’t know what to expect in this situation

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When I had my failed round of ivf I tested on otd and bfn. I wasn't bleeding so the clinic told me to carry on with my meds and retest 3 days later. If I had been bleeding then I would have been told to just stop the meds. I queried this and they told me that they have had a few patients get positives, a few days later,after testing negative on their otd

I was then offered an appointment with the consultant (2-3weeks later) to discuss what went wrong and what would be changed for round two

Hope this helps

Good luck for your otd xx


Both my failed ivfs just turned into a heavy period. For me this happened before my test day but I know that some women don’t bleed until they stop taking the progesterone. The period is heavy because your womb lining has been artificially thickened, but it was not overly painful like the bleeding after a miscarriage can be- it was just normal cramps.

I’ve had two early miscarriages and two failed ivfs.


Hi Jordan, my failed IVFs ended with heavy period with some clots at the beginning. Every time it happened around my test day. But why have you already decided that your IVF wasn't successful? If you have no signs of pregnancy, it doesn't mean that you are not pregnant, it just may be too early. I understand your need to be prepared to every outcome, but I'd advise to stay positive 😉 Hope you will receive good news on your otd 😄 Loads of baby dust to you!


Hi Jordan, just relax and avoid panic as of now. You don't know for sure that your IVF will fail and the feeling maybe out of your fears of what if it fails? As it's said you should rather try to feel optimistic and give a real support to your embie to implant itself by not worrying about the negative outcomes just yet. It's a BFP unless proven otherwise - you can think about it that way till the OTD. Your emotional defines which hormone takes the lead, but ideally there should be a balance and no lead to favour implantation. Sending baby dust!

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I just was so excited at the start and now the excitement has gone, I hate the injections, all I do is cry at the moment and just feel down. I get it’s out of our control and what happens happens but I just feel like it hasn’t worked. I keep feeling like I’m going to have a period at any minute so that’s also getting me down xx


Hey, you've got to try to relax. All the early pregnancy symptoms and PMS are not much different. Both of them are progesterone induced so naturally, they ought to be similar. You should be thinking of good outcomes and not negative ones at this point. Consider the fact that you're pregnant unless proved otherwise in the OTD and that is really something worth staying happy for now, isn't it. Everything will be alright dear, just don't give up on hope yet. :)


Done the test, it was negative. Not sure how I feel about my 2nd attempt. The nhs have funded mine and hey have funded 2 attempts. I don’t know how I will react if the 2nd does not work- I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay


Stay strong, sweetheart. I am hopeful that it will be successful. It has both the pros and the cons. The chances of success and failure both occur. Take it realistically. Hope for the good and the best will come. Just be positive. My prayers are with you. Keep your hopes high. Wish you the best of luck. Much love for you.


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