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Stopping progesterone- help

So, I'll be 13 weeks on Friday and my gynaecologist said to start easing down on progesterone. I'm currently on 200mg am and pm.

The thought of stopping terrifies me. My Ivf Gynae said when I called to say we were pregnant naturally " do not stop progesterone abruptly "

Do I do a week just 100mg am and pm then a week 100mg just am.

Any advice please, I'm in Spain and sometimes things get lost in translation :(

DIANE, do you have any advice please?


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Hi there! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! It's really great news!

You definitely should not stop progesterone abruptly! I'd reduce it by 50 mg every week. I mean, first week - 150 mg am and pm, second week - 100 mg am and pm. Then 100 mg once a day, then 50 mg. But it's only my suggestion! I'm sure you can find a lot of more official information in the web. You can check progesterone instructions, as such data must be mentioned there. Or you should consult your gynae and make her give you proper instructions. It's a great deal and must be taken seriously. So maybe try to take someone, who will translate everything properly, with you to the appointment.

Good luck to you! Hope to hear only good news from you!

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I stopped mine abruptly after the 12 week mark due to the advice from the dr.

Some people are only advised to take it for the 2ww or up to 6 weeks and stop. Some Drs think it doesn't do anything to help the pregnancy.

After 12 weeks the placenta is functional so you shouldn't need it anyway.

I was also scared but after reading things online just stopped cold turkey and nothing happened.

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Scary isn't it. I've halved it these 4 days, 3 days more then that's it.

Thank you so much for replying, hope all is good with you xx


I took it am and pm until 12 weeks then at 12 weeks for 1 week just took the pm one then fully stopped the week after (that's what my clinic tells you to do) xx

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