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Oestrogen patches and Spa Days

Hi Ladies!

This may sound a stupid question and I was hoping someone on here or Diane could advise.

Whilst on oestrogen patches is it ok to go for a spa day and have treatments etc?? Just panicking a bit now as I have a few spa days planned for my bday and was wondering in all the massage oils etc effect the patches as I will be on them by then and if I can actually go swimming whilst wearing them?!

Any advice would be much appreciated x

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I sneakily got away with it 😀 I told the therapist before they messaged me about my patch which was on my thigh and we concluded that she just avoid that area - my back needed more attention anyway!

Obviously we’re told to avoid getting them wet but I figured for one day it would be okay and just make sure you change it if it’s lost its stick!

That may or not not be correct advice but I say enjoy your spa day! Well deserved I’m sure x

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Aww thank you busy bee! Good advice x


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