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This was my first pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage unfortunately I was unable to pass everything so they gave me cytotec to insert vaginally and that failed so my OB wanted to try one more round and if that didn't work we were gonna do a d & c. I'm scared for it to scar and cause ashermans syndrome . Has anyone had this before the first time around ? Does it hurt and is there scarring ?

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  • What!! The doctors gave you Cytotec when you were pregnant? Damn, you need to change the clinic or OB ASAP. Even a non-med person like me knows that it is an anti-pregnancy drug. Even if you just google the name the first thing it says - "induces abortion or labour". It's not very dependable for labour either due to certain complications associated with it.

  • No, they gave me cytotec to help me pass all of the remaining tissue I was not able to pass initially when I miscarried.

  • Oh Okay! I was shocked to think they gave you Cytotec when you were pregnant. Thankfully that wasn't the case. I guess I should now tell you that no Cytotec does not create any scarring inside. It just some medicine that forces the uterine walls to contract so everything within comes out and gets expelled.

  • I am terribly sorry elle_ 5 to hear your sad news. Unfortunately I have had 2 D and Cs in the past, one of which was in March. It is performed under general anaesthesic. Upon recovery I felt sore-bad cramping pains but was administered strong pain relief. It is a day procedure. You are monitored for a few hours after it. I bled for a couple of weeks after both my procedures. Every poor lady is different. Some have light blood flow or stain. You need alot of love and tlc. You have been through so much. You will still feel pregnancy hormones until you take your period again. Next period could be heavier or lighter and/or it could be earlier or later. Hope this helps. Ask if you want to know anything more. Big hugs.x

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