10 weeks baby gone

At 7 weeks there was a baby and a heartbeat. Today, 10+4 there is a sac but no baby. I'm beyond devastated. First round of IVF and was so excited about the BFP but not meant to be - truly devastated. I have a question burning in my mind though. Obviously this cannot be considered "successful" IVF as it has not resulted in a single healthy baby. Would I be able to go back for my second funded round or would I have to go back into the waiting list and wait 18 months again like when I was first referred. Does anyone know?

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  • Hey.

    Sorry for your loss.

    If like my clinic, your clinic should only count a successful round as a live birth..


  • And also, our clinic wanted 3 periods after the miscarriage before attempting again x

  • Thank you hollibob I appreciate that. I will be having some kind of help to pass the products and then will call the clinic. I expected to be waiting until November time to try again at the earliest anyway but thank you for the info :-)

  • So very sorry to hear this, I can't imagine how devastating it is. I'm not sure about your question as I think it depends on the clinic but definitely give them a call to put your mind at rest about it xx

  • Hey I'm also in Scotland and at my clinic they usually like you to have 3 bleeds before you can start again but you don't go to the back if the waiting list, it's more like a holding list. Just remember to call the clinic asap to let them know as difficult as it is so they can get you on the list!xx

  • So sorry Maikai. Big love xxx

  • So sorry. This happened to me at my 8+3 😞 We've been assured that ccgs only count a live birth as a success xx

  • I'm sorry ccgs?

  • Sorry to jump in, it's an English thing. We don't have this in Scotland!x

  • Clinical commissioning group. They are the ones who decide on funding x

  • So sorry for your loss, I went through the same thing a few weeks back so can imagine how you feel right now 🙁 thoughts are with you! As for IVF no sure as we only get 1 go here x

  • So so sorry for your loss. This whole process is so cruel. Take care. X

  • Oh Hun I'm so deeply sorry! I missed your previous post so I didn't realise what had happened! I wish u all the strength in the world to get thru this! Your angel will watch over you now xxxx

  • I am so sorry... I have gone through it and it is devastating and left me questioning to my self why me? why me? why me? and why again and again. I have always dreamt of holding a little baby of mine in my hands but multiple times I have just missed periods and in a couple of weeks/months missed the baby. Tears all the time.

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