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Ivf with endo

Hi I'm new here.

I was diagnosed with endo 5 years ago. I am 24 years old and been accepted for IVF with my husband. I am currently waiting for our clinic choice to call me to arrange or consultations. Has anyone with endo had any luck with first round of IVF? I have had 6 miscarriages and I worry about how I would deal with any more losses - I know it's not 100% just trying to prep myself on heartbreak and what to expect.

Thanks guys

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Sorry no happy story from me. I've had 2 ivf attempts but not ended in mc. Have you had any recurrent mc tests? I've had them all and everything came back clear. I'm now looking into raised natural killer cells biopsy. This can be common with endo x


Sorry to hear that things haven't worked out for you, I haven't had any more testings done as they put my MC down to my endo. It took them 7 years to listen to me that I knew my body wasn't right. After my first operation they said my left tube was damaged from the endo and this was causing my MC. When I had my 2nd and 3rd op they said my tubes where normal :/ x


Aww you have had a horrible time. I would push for testing. There could be something else going on apart from the Endo. Lots of woman who have Endo have children.

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Thank you, I will push and hopefully get some results. I hope things work out for you x

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Yes I would especially if your going to embark on ivf. Unfortunately they only found my Endo after our 1st cycle. You too, it's a long road but hoping we all get there in the end x


Hi. I'm 38, endo took my ovary and tube a year ago and we were referred for ivf. First round with only one ovary and being ancient I produced 5 eggs. 3 were mature went all the way to blast, 1 high quality put bAck in, 1 medium quality frozen and unfortunately one too small to freeze. Just turned 12 weeks today.

Thought of you had that many miscarriages they should investigate and monitor you properly?

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Hay, sorry for delayed response haven't had much time to get on here.

Congratulations on turning 12 weeks - wish you all the best and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I'm deffo Gona try and get investigated and see what else could be happening


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It's so difficult as two consultants never agree on the same thing!

I found out I had endo in 2010 following a lap. Stage 3 which they lasered.

I had another lap in 2013 after we'd been TTC to conceive for 6 months and they then gave me 6 cycles of clomid.

I had two bad episodes around the time of taking clomid which we now believe were early miscarriages.

Started IVF in December 2014.

Had a bfp first round, but sadly miscarried at gone 9 weeks.

Second round was bfn.

Frozen round, bfp, but again miscarriages.

Third round bfn.

Our consultant just said that IVF bypasses the endo, even when I queried the higher risk of miscarriage, he said it was just unlucky...

We decided to have miscarriage tests including natural killer cell blood tests and karyotype testing, all of which came back normal.

I'm now contemplating getting referred to a BSGE centre to see what they say,,,

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I haven't been to a bgse specialist with my endo (just an incompetent general gynaecologist who thought he could do everything!). But I paid privately to see a very good specialist in Birmingham who is highly regarded. He said if endo hadn't damaged tubes and ovaries looked good I should be able to conceive naturally although there's some thoughts that if you have endo removed then it increases the chances of conceiving post lap. Just seems to be opinion though and as you say no one has the same opinion as the next.

Such a horrible disease where so much is unknown x


Sorry for the delayed response, haven't had much time to get in here.

Sorry for all your losses.

Iv had 3 laps and had mixed feedback from the doctors as well - so hard to believe them all the time and to be 100% sure with things.

I'm gona push for the miscarriage tests just to put my mind at rest abit more.

I hope things work for you xx


What a difficult journey u have had so far!! U r clearly a strong lady & I wish u all the best for future tries xxx

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Thank you, really appreciate everyone's support. Finally feel like I am strong somewhere with a rocky start xx


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