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Prolactin levels

Hi all,

I am new here and am looking for others who are having trouble conceiving due to raised prolactin levels.

I have been trying for years now and have suffered 3 miscarriages which have been caused by APS - diagnosed yesterday. The last pregnancy took me a year and a half due to raised prolactin levels, that was last June and we are still trying. I am on meds which are to be taken once a week.

I've had an internal scan and all is normal, partner has been tested and sperm is all OK.

Sometimes i wonder if i ever will be a mum as it seems all the odds are against me!

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There is a forum on here called sticky blood . It's for conditions such as aps they may be able to help and advise on that forum xx


Thanks, I am already a follower of that group but just wondered if there was anyone here who is producing to much prolactin. I havent had any reponse in that subject yet xx


All of my levels when tested were either too little or too much prolactin was one which was too high if I remember rightly xx


So did yours eventually come down? Just wondering how long it takes xx


I'm not sure it's not been re tested . I've found the whole fertility testing super frustrating . The hospital never mentions it or offers to re test them all.. I've had to fight to find out if chlomid is working. X


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