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Spotting turned into red blood 4wk3days pregnant!!! Helpppp!!

I took my beta on monday 9dp5dt. It came back at 131. I had somebleedimg and cramps on that day but it stopped that day. All was well then 2 days later Thursday morning at 4am went to toilet and wiped saw pink. No pain. It was on and off that day called clinic went in for beta on Friday morning it was 936. Seemed ok. But spotting continues. That friday night had some cramps then this morning saw some pink again then it stopped until now... I just came to the toilet and wiped and saw red blood evertime I wiped I got red. I'm scared the clinic is closed. Am I having a m/c?? Anyone had successfulpregnancy in similar situation????

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Hey dragon, how are you doing now? x


Same. I'm just crying my life out becuz ive read that spotting that turns into red blood is most likely m/c. It's not heavy but evertime I wipe there is red blood. I don't know what to do.


Can you call your clinic tomorrow? I have a friend who bled like that at 6 weeks and it was all fine. Does the clinic have an out of hours? x


I will try the line tomorrow, I think I supposed to have an emergency number as well.

Im having mild to moderate cramping in lower pelvic as well as some red spotting/bleeding.

Do you know if the ultrasound would show anything this early?


I don't think so. Are you 4 weeks past 2ww or 4 weeks pregnant?

It's easier said than done; but try and get some rest. I've not got to ET yet; my last cycle failed. But I'm not going anywhere and happy to listen to your worries.

Ring that emergency number first thing.

If you join the fertility UK network on this site too there are loads of women who have been in this situation and it's slightly more active than this forum. xx

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Thanks alot. I had fet and took beta test at 9dp5dt. I'm currently 14dp5dt. When i checked some sites and entered transfer date it says 4w5 days today.

Thanks for your reply.


Do think about joining this group too... healthunlocked.com/fertilit...

let me know how you get on tomorrow. Try and sleep. If baby is ok...It doesn't want you worrying xx


I had this with both my successful pregnancies, both times it was bright red but went unexplained, although in hindsight I had a low lying placenta at the start with both pregnancies plus with my current pregnancy I found out a bit later I had conceived twins but lost one very early, so either of these could have been the reason. These are both common reasons for early bleeds as well as implantation bleeding - that can be delayed coming out if it's pooled a bit at the top of the cervix. If the blood is red but no clots or grainy bits then that's possibly more reassuring..

I had period like cramps from when I poas until around 7-8 weeks and thought I was about to start my period all the time. I know it's scary but try not to assume the worst (much easier said than done I know)

If a private scan/bloods is an option for you that would give u answers today. I had to do that and just googled places within an hour's drive until I found somewhere with a slot. Might be a tiny bit early for a scan but they can advise you on the phone.

lots of luck. Try to remember that early bleeding is VERY common so fingers crossed your little one is fine in there Xxxxx

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Thank you both for your comments...still have some slight cramps and some spotting. The cramps come in "waves" sometimes where it feels like it hurts where I notice it more then subside a min later but a dull ache.

I also had lots of stabbing needle like pains lastnite in the lower abdomen and to the center and sides. But when I woke up this morning no bright red but more pink.

I'm really praying there is still hope for me.


Omg it's like I spoke too soon....just saw red blood again. It's happening sooner than it happened yesterday. Why is this happening. It stops it starts its pink it's red..it hurts it stops its frustrating. Evertime I see nothing then and I relax it happens again.


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