So this just happened .... BFP

So this just happened .... BFP

After not being able to sleep, I finally decided to test this morning , we got a positive. Me and my husband are in shock but so happy.

I am still worried about miscarriage as I've read there is a higher chance after IVF. I will feel a lot better after the 7 week scan and then worry until we have the 12 week scan. I'm not a worrier but after a failed IVF, worrying has become second nature. I am grateful to get this far and would like to thank everyone for their support. For now We are very happy and I wish the all the ladies that on this journey all the luck in the world ❤️

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  • Wonderful news! Enjoy the happiness and excitement! :) xx

  • thanks x

  • Congratulations what a lovely way to start the day 😃 Xx

  • thanks x

  • Lovely news massive congratulations xxx

  • thanks x

  • Wonderful news-congratulations xxx

  • thanks x

  • Congratulations! and all the best x

  • thanks x

  • Boom! Awesome News... so happy. A massive congrats, hope all continues to go well for you and the journey ahead

  • Thanks Sanj, much appreciated !

  • Wow congratulations hunnie stay positive xxx

  • thanks x

  • Congratulations that's a really strong positive as well, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and try to enjoy it xx

  • thank you so much . .. I am hoping for the best xx

  • Congratulations - Great News x

  • thanks x

  • Congratulations on your BFP! Best of luck for a healthy pregnancy!xx

  • thanks x

  • Congratulations to you both fantastic news. Xxx

  • thanks x

  • Fantastic news ditsy. I think it's only natural to worry but try to enjoy this moment for now. X

  • thanks, I will try !

  • congratulations hun, thats amazing news. xxx

  • thanks x

  • Good luck x

  • thank you x

  • Congratulations dear. wish you all the best and stay positive.

  • Thanks Kate x

  • Massive congratulations xxx

  • Thanks so much x

  • Is this your first round ? Congratulations

  • Hi Nicky, thanks! this is my 2nd round. My first one failed, I went through the NHS then, but now with Care Fertility which I am privately funding.

  • Oh dear please read her posts after this one.i think she had some bad news.

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