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Being ill before first scan?

Hi everyone. I had my positive test last week and waiting a few weeks for the first scan now. Its almost as bad as the 2ww! Lol Anyway my husband works in retail and he has got a nasty cough/cold/temperature. He's really worried that if I get it and start hacking away the baby is going to get dislodged somehow. Is that possible? If I do is there anything I can do to prevent it?

I'm sleeping in the spare room and stuff but we only live in a little house there's still a high chance I will get sick.

Anyone else ha a bad cough/cold/temperature during first few weeks?

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Kitty trust me your husband and yourself have nothing to worry about. A viral infection of this sort won't do you any harm. I know it must be hard not to worry but honestly tell your husband he is okay to cuddle you.xxx


Thanks again Lucy. I tried to explain it to him but he is an immovable object lol I suppose it's quite sweet though. Hopefully he just gets better soon x3 thank you for helping to allay my fears anyway if not his, stubborn men xxxx


You can always try pukka tea elderflower and echinacea. Tesco sell it. My boss has got her partner on it and I've started drinking it too. Echinacea boosts the immune system, keep us all healthy whilst she's cooking 😊


Thank you :) I drink pukka tea anyway so I will try that variety :)


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