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A little moan

Hi girls, 

Just needed to have a little moan so thought I'd come on here. 

I've been working all week and worked today 7.30-3.30 and I get home and my boyfriend was still in bed , our flat is a tip because I havnt had time to tidy up as been working so much , he's got his own business as a plumber and has had 3 days. Off this week and muggins here still cooks dinner, washes clothes, washes up whilst he lazes around - don't get me wrong he does wrk very hard but I'm just fed up that I've been at wrk today and he's still lazing around in bed . I am due on so I know I'm touchy at the mi, but he better Buck his ideas up for when I get to my 2ww. Bloody men , I am going to get fish and chips tonight to cheer myself up!! Moan over 😌😌😌😌😌xxx

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