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Question for Diane

Had scan today they say lining still too thick and had to have urgent estradol blood . Nurse gave me my teach on inj but said she would call me in 2 hrs ( this was at 10 am ) by 3 pm I still hasn't heard so rand left message . Nurse then left message saying I can start inj tonight. Obviously I was a bit wary as been told lining has to be thin and this morn nurse said linin was too thick.

I rang back left anirher message .

Nurse then rang me back said ignite her earlier message and then I have to go in on Wednesday and see consultant as to why linin still thick and where I go from here.

Why would this be !? I've been on nasal spray since 20th feb and had a period from 24th for about 5 days .

Why would lining be too thick still I'm so stressed out .

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